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Missing child blog post photoGone! Top 10 Nail-Biting Thrillers Featuring the Search for a Missing Child

GONE! TOP 10 NAIL-BITING THRILLERS FEATURING THE SEARCH FOR A MISSING CHILD A missing child is every parent’s nightmare. A tidal wave of emotion descends and often the situation can very quickly turn negative with the finger of blame being readily pointed, often specifically at the child’s mother. The missing child may be an overused […]

scary families blog postTop 10 Scary Families in Fiction

In my new novel, The Hiding Place, Joe Thorne’s eight-year-old sister returns after disappearing for forty-eight hours. But something about her isn’t the same. What happened to Annie Thorne? And why is Joe scared to death of his own little sister? Here are my top 10 of other scary families in fiction!   Top 10 […]

girl in wildernessRead an Excerpt from What Doesn’t Kill Her by Christina Dodd

“What’s your new book about?” An author can write 100,000 words, create an insightful tale of terror, humor, adventure, romance, and mystery, yet when someone—in this case, a writer-friend—asks, “What’s your new book about?” all the insightful words dry up. All that’s left is babble. I told my friend What Doesn’t Kill Her is a thriller. […]

girl readingTen Books Featuring Complex Mother-Daughter Relationships

Ten Books Featuring Complex Mother-Daughter Relationships   Of all human relationships, the mother-daughter one is perhaps the most complicated and unique. Mothers tend to view their daughters through a prism of shared history. Yet, as they grow, daughters become their own person with a locked vault of secrets that are completely inaccessible to their mothers, […]

Book Review of the week: The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene

Book Review: The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene By John Valeri Thomas Christopher Greene may be relatively new to the realm of psychological suspense, but he’s got the bonafides to back him up. While The Headmaster’s Wife (2014) and If I Forget You (2016) announced his arrival, Greene wrote three previous novels (Mirror Lake, […]

How to Write Convincing Spy Fiction About Highly Classified Subjects

How to Write Convincing Spy Fiction About Highly Classified Subjects   Some spy writers have intelligence backgrounds – Frederick Forsyth, John le Carré, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming, and Jason Matthews come to mind – but for the rest of us, writing about the world of covert intelligence takes audacity. Every author knows the indispensable value […]

The Mysterious Robert E. Clarke

The Mysterious Robert E. Clarke Every family has a mystery. Mine concerned the identity of my great-grandfather, Robert E. Clarke.  In his teens, my father’s father was legally adopted by his mother’s second husband, a man he always called “Mr. Tuttle.”  My grandfather grew up knowing nothing of his natural father; he was only five […]

Top Ten Films Set During the Holidays… with a dose of Mayhem!

Top Ten Films Set During the Holidays… with a dose of Mayhem! Die Hard I know the film had a share of those wonderful ‘80s hairstyles and those prominent shoulders pads. This 1988 classic also had holiday party to die for (pun intended) which was crashed by a motley group of German villains led by […]

Top Ten Holiday Mysteries and Films…

Top Ten Holiday Mysteries Having to work on a holiday has been known to put me in a horrible mood, yet Poirot, Holmes, and Inspector Alleyn seem to delight in having their holidays marred by the odd murder or theft. Here’s a list of the top ten novels and stories set during the holiday season […]

The Ten Best Movie ThrillersTwelve Must Read Thrillers

Twelve Must Read Thrillers (Author Louise Jensen has compiled a list of the twelve must read thrillers published this century. Some can be dystopian, some can have a trace of romance, a few will provide twists and surprise endings, and all are destined to be classics.) Someone like me – M. R. Carey The story […]

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