Interview with CHARLES LAMAR PHILLIPS by ANDREW GULLI     TSM: What inspired you to write Estranged? CLP: I was heading up publications for the Iowa Historical Society and doing research on an article for its bi-monthly popular history magazine, which I edited, and I ran across an article in one of the established academic journals […]

When Inspiration Strikes 

When Inspiration Strikes by Richard O’Rawe, author of Goering’s Gold: A Ructions O’Hare Novel I have a heart condition. So when my doctor advised me to go to the hospital to check out chest and stomach pains, I listened. My wife and I arrived at the triage centre of the local Accident and Emergency department […]


TO WRITE A GREAT STORY A WRITER MUST USE DRAMATIC DEVICES! The Seven Main Dramatic Techniques for You to Use   By Scott McConnell   Telling a good story is much more than just organizing a series of interesting chronological events. Skilled fiction writers use a variety of dramatic devices to make their stories much […]

How James Bond, and My Time with Roger Moore, Gave Me the Courage to Tackle Thrillers

A childhood spent on motion picture sets gave me the unique opportunity to see the world through a different lens. I was lucky enough to have a father who owned an independent production company in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It was an unusual childhood, but it allowed me to get to know many […]

Why the Paranormal is Normal in New Orleans

If you’ve ever strolled through the French Quarter, you’ve seen ghost tours clogging sidewalks, for sale signs warning of haunted houses, and, if lucky, you’ve overheard the locals speak of paranormal happenings keeping them up at night. That’s the way of things here. Living with ethereal intruders is as commonplace as beignets and showers every […]

The Anatomy of a Thriller

The Anatomy of a Thriller By Daco S. Auffenorde   Imagine waking up chained to a bed. A weight bears down on your body. Your brain’s interior crackles. Harsh, white lights blind you. A nightmare? No. You’re in a hospital. You’ve suffered a tremendous fall, a doctor says. It’s a miracle you’re not dead. “What’s […]

Phat Dog Vintage Library: 1000 Piece Foil Stamped PuzzleA Life in Libraries

A Life in Libraries by Glenn Cooper Anyone who knows me well, knows that libraries are important in my life. My first exposure occurred when I was very young and my mother dragged me to a library where she was doing her dissertation work. I was given a book to occupy myself at a long […]

Co-Authoring is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Co-Authoring is Worth Its Weight in Gold   by Nicole Moleti, co-author of pen name Addison McKnight  Krista and I became co-authors by accident. We currently write together under the pen name Addison McKnight and we were both writing for publications and online sites for years when I had an amazing idea for a fiction […]

Author Q&A with Jeneva Rose

Exclusive Q&A with Jeneva Rose, author of The Perfect Marriage and upcoming novel One of Us is Dead (out 4/26). By Madison Thompson   Could you tell us about your latest novel, One of Us is Dead? One of Us is Dead is about a salon owner who gets entangled in the lives of her elite, […]

Turning Life’s Norms into Thrilling Murder Plots by Jeneva Rose

  The question I get asked the most from readers is, “Where do you find inspiration for your thrillers?” I think it’s asked frequently because many readers wonder how could a seemingly normal person think up such twisted and dark storylines? Are we just daydreaming about murder? Are we watching true crime shows? Where is […]

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