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Psychology as Forensic Science from Auguste Dupin to Sherlock HolmesPsychology as a Forensic Science: From Auguste Dupin to Sherlock Holmes

Since some of the earliest detective fiction, authors have used mysteries to explore human behavior. While many investigations begin with physical evidence, it is often the act of diving deeper into the minds of the criminals or villains that reveal the truth. Author of the Bhrigu Mahesh murder mystery series Nisha Singh examines the study of […]

dvd review top of the lake china girlDVD Review—Top of the Lake: China Girl

DVD Review—Top of the Lake: China Girl   Coming about half a decade after the release of the original series Top of the Lake, the second season, subtitled China Girl, is striking by both how similar the sequel is to its predecessor, and how simultaneously shockingly different it is as well.   The original series […]

Top 7 Mystery Authors Who Really Steal the SceneTop 7 Mystery Authors Who Really Steal the Scene

  To celebrate the upcoming release of his newest ghost story mystery Blood on the Chesapeake, Randy Overbeck shares his top 7 mystery authors who capture setting and create vivid narratives. Discover, or rediscover, some of these authors with Randy Overbeck’s Top 7 Mystery Authors Who Really Steal the Scene.   The world of mystery fiction […]

9 favorite books inspired by mythologyTimeless Stories: 9 Favorite Books Inspired by Mythology

Celebrate the release of The Lost History of Dreams by Kris Waldherr by (re)discovering some of these timeless stories in Waldherr’s collection of her 9 Favorite Books Inspired by Mythology. Summon your inner god or goddess, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Kris Waldherr’s debut novel, The Lost History of Dreams.   […]

book review, new york city, true crime, the belle of bedford avenue by virginia a. mcconnellFor True-Crime Enthusiasts: The Belle of Bedford Avenue by Virginia A. McConnell

In today’s society, it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of true crime, from the never ending stream of documentaries to the countless turning pages of books. But don’t worry, The Strand Magazine is here to point you in the right direction with this week’s new book review. Discover the story behind Florence Wallace […]

Optimize Us by Maria KelsonStory of the Month: Optimize Us by Maria Kelson

  The Strand’s Story of the Month for April is Optimize Us by Maria Kelson, featured in Down to the River, a new anthology of crime fiction from Down and Out Books. With classic elements of suspense and a twist of android fiction, Kelson will have you guessing until the end.   Optimize Us by Maria Kelson I […]

Six-More-American-Mystery-ClassicsSix More American Mystery Classics from the Golden Era of Crime Fiction

From Penzler Publishers comes six more American Mystery Classics from the Golden Era of crime fiction. Spring is in the air and with it comes another set of reissued crime fiction novels for mystery lovers.    Last year, six titles in Otto Penzler’s new American Mystery Classics were released, giving crime fiction fans the opportunity to read […]

book review of the weekBook Review of the Week: 3 Women 4 Towns 5 Bodies & Other Stories by Townsend Walker

Townsend Walker’s collection of short fiction, 3 Women 4 Towns 5 Bodies & Other Stories, is a compilation of tales reflecting numerous different women, their lives, their loves, their hates, their crimes, and their plotting. The title story, which composes a third of the book, is a collection of snapshots into the minds and souls of […]

harlan-cobenCrafting Parallel Narratives: An Interview With Harlan Coben

  For the past 28 years, Harlan Coben has been providing readers with a welcome mix of suspense, humor, and razor-sharp storytelling. His newest novel, Run Away, revolves around Simon Greene, a Wall Street financial advisor who hasn’t seen his drug-addicted daughter, Paige, in six months. When he finally finds her again, she’s nearly unrecognizable, […]

frightening fictional homes10 Frightening Fictional Homes: Spine-Chilling Thrillers at Their Best

As Vanessa Savage celebrates the release of her debut psychological thriller, The Woman in the Dark, she narrows down her list of spine-chilling homes in some of her favorite novels in this collection of 10 frightening fictional homes.   Home. The word conjures up a place of love and security, relaxing in front of the […]

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