I’ve done it again.  I just finished another book that features an animal as one of my main characters. I had no intention of doing it when I was planning CHAOS.  I was going to have a razzle-dazzle plot with lots of dynamite adventures and terrible villains for my characters to triumph over.  […]

The Man behind Merlin

The historical figure who inspired a legend. By Signe Pike Nearly 1,500 years ago, a man stood on top of a hill fort in Scotland knowing he was about to die. He was not alone, though he might as well have been, given the size of the army marching to lay siege upon the fortress. […]

Sophie Hannah’s Top Ten Favorite Agatha Christie Novels

Sophie Hannah’s Favorite Agatha Christie Novel I like to approach the choice of favorite Agatha Christie novels (a question I’m asked rather a lot) in the same way that I approach any search for a new home. Some people, if they want to buy a house, start out with a list of requirements that they […]

Leon Turrou: The Greatest Detective of them All?

by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones   Look at the FBI’s official website, and you’ll find a reference to one of America’s greatest detectives, Leon Turrou. The website explains that in 1938 Turrou was the Bureau’s lead investigator into a German spy ring. However, this official FBI narrative observes that his “background simply did not prepare him for […]

Final Report on the Strand Critics Awards…

Final Report on the Strand Critics Awards… (Anthony Horowitz, Angie Kim, Tess Gerritsen, Walter Mosley, and Bronwen Hruska took home the top awards via a virtual ceremony held on Friday, September 4.) The Best Novel Award went to Anthony Horowitz for The Sentence is Death, while Angie Kim took home the Best Debut Novel Award […]

Seven Essential Native American Crime Novels

By David Heska Wanbli Weiden   The genre of Native American crime fiction remains popular among mystery fans, yet few would be able to name writers in this field beyond the wildly successful Tony Hillerman, Thomas Perry, James Doss, and perhaps a few others.  For those who’ve enjoyed the work of these non-Native writers, it […]

Five Novels On Motherhood and Maternal Fear

  Of all human relationships, there is none more mysterious, intense and scrutinized than the one between mother and child. We all know that motherhood brings profound joy and extreme exhaustion. What is discussed far less is the extreme fear that can creep in alongside those other, more palatable emotions. And this base terror – […]

Ten Contemporary “Thriller” Novels That Highlight the Natural World

Ten Contemporary “Thriller” Novels That Highlight the Natural World   You don’t have to be a nature lover to appreciate a well-written novel scene that incorporates the natural world. Especially during a time of twin global threats brought by pandemic and climate change, it seems like more and more people are paying closer attention to […]

5 Women of Color in Mystery on the Complex Histories of LA

5 Women of Color in Mystery on the Complex Histories of LA By Nancy Jooyoun Kim   Often depicted as a playground for the rich, a city of movie and sports stars, muscle, and palm trees against spectacular sunsets, Los Angeles as a setting has long fascinated mystery readers with seedy and sensational stories that […]

Book Review: The Potato Masher Murder

Book Review: The Potato Masher Murder   Decades after the fact, it’s disturbing to discover that a member of your family was murdered.  It’s even more shocking to discover that another family member was responsible for that violent death.  This scenario actually happened to Gary Sosniecki, a journalist who discovered that in 1906, his great-grandmother Cecilia […]

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