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book review of the weekBook Review of the Week: 3 Women 4 Towns 5 Bodies & Other Stories by Townsend Walker

Townsend Walker’s collection of short fiction, 3 Women 4 Towns 5 Bodies & Other Stories, is a compilation of tales reflecting numerous different women, their lives, their loves, their hates, their crimes, and their plotting. The title story, which composes a third of the book, is a collection of snapshots into the minds and souls of […]

harlan-cobenCrafting Parallel Narratives: An Interview With Harlan Coben

  For the past 28 years, Harlan Coben has been providing readers with a welcome mix of suspense, humor, and razor-sharp storytelling. His newest novel, Run Away, revolves around Simon Greene, a Wall Street financial advisor who hasn’t seen his drug-addicted daughter, Paige, in six months. When he finally finds her again, she’s nearly unrecognizable, […]

frightening fictional homes10 Frightening Fictional Homes: Spine-Chilling Thrillers at Their Best

As Vanessa Savage celebrates the release of her debut psychological thriller, The Woman in the Dark, she narrows down her list of spine-chilling homes in some of her favorite novels in this collection of 10 frightening fictional homes.   Home. The word conjures up a place of love and security, relaxing in front of the […]

suspense treeJoseph Finder on the Element of Surprise

Suspense writer Joseph Finder examines the art of twists and shocking endings as he discusses the element of surprise in five novels with endings he never saw coming.   There’s a paradox to being a suspense writer. We writers get into this business because we love reading—but the more we read, the more we write, […]

bible of bad men william boyleA Bible of Bad Men and Other Mob Tales

After growing up hearing mob tales and names from the Five Families, William Boyle reflects on what drew him to the mob genre and inspired some of his projects, such as his newest novel A Friend Is a Gift You Give Yourself. I grew up on the border of Bensonhurst and Gravesend in Brooklyn, and the […]

fiction writing photoCan Good Writing Be Taught?

To celebrate the release of her newest novel, Last Night, Karen Ellis reflects on what makes great fiction writing and how to discover and unleash the voice within. It’s an old question and generally the answer is “No.” And yet I’ve been teaching creative writing for twenty-five years—teaching, or leading, workshops in basic fiction writing, suspense, […]

Top 10 Hipster Thrillers for Your List

To celebrate the release of her new novel, Andrea Bartz shares her top 10 hipster thrillers you need to add to your list. In my new novel, The Lost Night, a woman is forced to confront what really happened back in 2009, when she and her postgrad friends turned Brooklyn into a playground—going to wild […]

true event fictionA True Event Can Make Riveting Fiction

A True Event Can Make Riveting Fiction  Glen David Gold’s novel Carter Beats the Devil (2001) opens with President Warren G. Harding gamely getting up on stage in a San Francisco theater to participate in a conjuring trick. Hours later, he’s dead. Were the two events connected? Suddenly the conjurer—the real-life Joseph Carter, a household name in […]

the americans season 6DVD Review: The Americans Season 6

DVD Review: The Americans Season 6 (Warning: Oblique spoilers for previous seasons of The Americans follow.) The Americans is a high-concept television series in which the initial premise could have led to any point on the spectrum of quality. In lesser hands, the tale of two Russian spies living undercover as subversives in the United States could […]

10 Thrillers That NEED a TV Series Adaptation10 Thrillers That NEED a TV Series Adaptation

10 Thrillers That NEED a TV Series Adaptation Like a lot of people these days, I’m addicted to book-to-television thrillers. Every time I learn that another novel I love has been green-lighted for a series, I devour every detail about its production until it’s finally on-screen. With the recent success of shows like Big Little […]

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