Chris Pavone

Chris Pavone’s novels have taken the world of intrigue by storm, hitting the bestseller list several times and earning comparisons to Graham Greene,  Eric Ambler, and John le Carré. Though his fast paced complex plots have earned comparisons to the legends of the espionage novel, Pavone is his own man and has forged his own path of works that are unique and destined to become classics.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Chris:
TSM: You had a background in publishing; do you miss working on the “inside” of the publishing industry?
CP: I definitely miss the excitement of waking up each day and going to an office, hoping to fall in love with something new, today—a new manuscript, a new subject, a new author. That’s a great way to spend your life! And you do it surrounded by people who have chosen their careers not because of but despite money: although there are a lot of ambitious people in the book business, their ambition is rarely to get rich. I wanted to try to capture some of this culture in The Accident,whose characters all occupy very different rungs on the professional ladder, from an assistant in her first job up to a publisher in his last. A single exciting new project means very different things to each of these people, and their various ambitions are what put them in peril and drive the plot.
TSM: Were you surprised by the success of The Expats?
CP: Even after a publisher acquired the rights—which itself was a surprise—I still expected basically no readers to buy that first novel. I’m astounded that anyone paid any attention whatsoever. I’ve been very fortunate.

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