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2-Year Subscription PLUS Free “No Touch” Stylus



2-Year Subscription PLUS Free “No Touch” Stylus

2-Year Subscription: Issue 63 of The Strand Magazine: Unpublished Raymond Chandler Article PLUS Fiction by Alexander McCall Smith, John Floyd, Thomas Burns, and Christine DeDevine.

 In our latest issue, we witness Chandler’s humor—and his progressive side—in “Advice to a Secretary.” Published here for the first time, the article covers everything from his contempt for grammarians to his discomfort with the employer-employee relationship. It also makes clear that, like his most famous protagonist, Chandler’s sympathies lay with those less powerful. Raymond Chandler scholar Professor Sarah Trott pens an introduction providing not only context but also an in-depth analysis of Raymond Chandler’s unpublished article.

As for the rest of this issue, if you’re looking for a short story that turns snobbery on its head, thumb quickly to Alexander McCall Smith’s humorous “Lord Lucan, Fugitive.” If you prefer prisoners on the loose, try John Floyd’s “The Road to Bellville.” And if you want to witness a new writer destined for more pages, check out “My Friend Edward” by Christine DeVine. Whichever tickles your fancy, I think we’d all agree the Great Detective should never leave the building—and Thomas Burns brings him home with “The Camberwell Poisoner,” replete with Baker Street Irregulars, suspicious sweets, and a spurned lover. As always, for the best works beyond these pages, our skilled critics dissect the latest books and DVDs in our review section.

We have an exclusive interview with Michael Koryta. A breakout success from an early age, Michael has continuously spurned conventional wisdom by experimenting in whatever direction moved him. The result has been an outstanding writing career and a varied list of thought-provoking and unforgettable novels that have repeatedly hit the best-sellers lists.

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