A Death at the Rose Paperworks: A Libby Seale Mystery



M. J. Zellnik takes us back to 1890s Port-land, Oregon, when horse-drawn carriages crowded the busy streets. The booming city offers refuge to Libby Seale who has fled New York and an abusive husband. As a seamstress for the prominent Rose family, she’s one of the first to learn that her boss Hiram has been killed, mangled to death by machinery at his own paper mill! Minutes later, the distraught family is shocked to see a healthy Mr. Rose sauntering through the front door. A suspect is locked up, but attempts on Mr. Rose’s life continue mercilessly. Once again, Libby and reporter Peter Eberle team up to unmask the culprit. It takes every ounce of will power to ignore the dazzling attraction they feel for one another. Can they manage to find the killer without giving into love’s sweet temptation?


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