A Moment of Madness


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For journalist John Kelly, the violent death of local celebrity and rock superstar Scott Silver promises to be the best story he’s seen since his days on Fleet Street. With a little work he may even turn it into the second chance he’s been looking for all these years. DCI Karen Meadows isn’t so sure her old friend Kelly is seeing clearly. The prime suspect lies dead next to Silver, and his alluring widow, Angel, claims she killed the intruder in self-defense. Wherever the truth lies, Karen knows the hordes of tabloid press, not to mention her own bosses, have their own distinct agenda. Kelly can’t let the story lie and, digging deeper, he unveils an intense and complex tale of intrigue and deception. For him, it all centers on Angel Silver, the volatile but stunningly attractive woman who is prepared to confide only in him. But as Kelly falls deeper and deeper under her hypnotic spell, the question soon becomes just what price she’ll demand for the exclusive access she has granted the reporter. And wi


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