A Whole New Life


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One August evening in a southern Arizona town a sheriff’ s deputy comes to Jackson Williams’ s door to tell him that his wife has died in a car crash. The deputy questions him while the police search his house and confiscate his computer. His amazement turns to disbelief when they arrest him. Williams suddenly has a whole new life, all right, but not the one he sometimes dreamt of when he admitted to himself that his marriage was a mistake. Now he is a man lost, in prison, awaiting trial for his wife’ s murder. He is not without friends, however. Ruth Norton, his next-door neighbor, convinces a locally famous lawyer to take on his case. Mara, Jackson’ s grown daughter from a previous marriage, happens upon the crisis unknowingly when she arrives in town to seek out the father she never knew as she was growing up. Finally, there is Tyler, Ruth’ s eleven-year-old son. The others aren’ t aware of what he can contribute to finding the real killer—but is the murderer?


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