Ambrose Bierce and the Ace of Shoots


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Oakley Hall is a master craftsman. . . . Intrigue will keep you turning the pages. — Amy Tan From Thomas Pynchon to Richard Ford, Amy Tan to Diane Johnson, the list of devotees of the Ambrose Bierce mystery series continues to grow as the larger-than-life hero tracks down California’s most malevolent criminal minds. In this rough-and-tumble romp through gritty Old San Francisco, Ambrose Bierce and his faithful associate Tom Redmond are on the trail of a celebrity sniper. Amid seduction, revenge, wing shots, ambuscades, knife throwers, free-love colonies, a friendly opium parlor, and a letter from Queen Victoria, Ambrose Bierce and Tom Redmond must turn up the true killer. “Oakley Hall has found the perfect Holmes of the West in Ambrose Bierce, and an ideal Watson in the guise of Tom Redmond. “Ace of Shoots” is beautifully written and devilishly entertaining — as much fun as a Wild West shoot-’em-up extravaganza.” — Mark Childress


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