Ash Child: A Montana Mystery Featuring Gabriel Du Pre


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Format: Hardcover, 256pp. ISBN: 0312288506 Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Publisher It’s dry season in Montana, and fires blazing west of Touissant have spread to the Wolf Mountains. MTtis-Indian fiddler, tracker, and reluctant sleuth Gabriel Du PrT suspects the fires have been intentionally set and are linked to the recent murder of Old Maddy Collins, an eccentric woman found in her living room, her head beaten in with a cast-iron hatchet. Du PrT’s suspicions are heightened when two teenagers snooping around Maddy’s house turn up dead in the mountains, buried beneath ash and riddled with bullet wounds. With its sly wit and comic touches, combined with colorful characters and lyrical prose evocative of Montana, Peter Bowen’s Ash Child makes for an exceptionally rich and deeply satisfying novel.Author Biography: Peter Bowen, a Montanan, writes of the West. Cowboy, hunting and fishing guide, folksinger, poet, essayist, and novelist, he’s written the picaresque Yellowstone Kelly historical novels, humor columns and essays on blood sports as Coyote Jack, and the Gabriel Du PrT mysteries, in part because “the MTtis are a great people, a wonderful people, and not many Americans know anything about them.”


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