At Risk


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A Massachusetts state investigator is called home from Knoxville, Tennessee, where he is completing a course at the National Forensic Academy. His boss, the district attorney, an attractive but hard-charging woman, is planning to run for governor, and as a showcase she’s planning to use a new crime initiative called At Risk, its motto Any crime, any time.” In particular, she’s been looking for a way to employ some cutting-edge DNA technology, and she thinks she’s found it in a twenty-year-old murder – in Tennessee. If her office solves the case, they’ll all end up looking pretty good, right?” Her investigator is not so sure – not sure about anything to do with this woman, really – but before he can open his mouth, a shocking piece of violence intervenes, an act that shakes up not only their lives but the lives of everyone around them as well. It is not a random event. Is it personal? Is it professional? Whatever it is, the implications are very, very bad indeed … and they’re about to get much worse.


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