Bannerman’s Law


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Format: Mass Market Paperback, 480pp.ISBN: 0380730103 Publisher: Morrow,William & Co Pub. Date: October 2000 There is an affluent town in Connecticut where America’s most dangerous men and women have “retired”-former wetwork operatives now scorned, distrusted,and targeted by the same government that created them. All Paul Bannerman and his people want is to live in peace. But there is no peace in a violent world. A Los Angeles film student stumbled onto something terrible happening behind the walls of Sur La Mer, an insane asylum for movie folk. Now Lisa Benedict has been silenced permanently. But Lisa had people who cared for her, people who know better than to blindly accept the official lies being passed out about her tragic death. She had a sister, Carla: one of Paul Bannerman’s most efficient assassins. And Carla wants revenge.


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