Black Friday Gift Pack: Sherlock Calendar, Special Holiday Issue, keychain flashlight, & Bookmark


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Black Friday Gift Pack: Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020, Special Holiday Issue Featuring John Grisham, keychain flashlight, & Bookmark

A Strand Magazine exclusive- Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2022 here, and for years has been our bestselling gift item.

Full color calendar celebrating The Great Detective with quotes, and trivia related to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. Beautiful spreads with photos and illustrations of Sherlock Holmes, including scenes from the Canon by Sidney Paget. We have a great line-up of themed months in this year’s calendar including several copies of the original full color illustrations by Sidney Paget from several distinguished collectors of Sherlockiana.

We have art by Jeffrey McKeever including his painting “Sherlock Holmes on the Prowl for Gift” and three other paintings that were commissioned by the Strand featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. And we’re proud to include paintings by the eminent Australian illustrator Phil Cornell who painted a wonderful tribute to Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men, and Sherlock on trains. We also have monuments of Sherlock, which explores the global phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes via the statues built for the iconic detective. Sherlock Holmes posters, which include images from several films revolving around the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. And last but not least, deerstalkers are always provide a note of controversy among die-hard Sherlockians, who will point out that Holmes never wore one in London, we have art which includes Holmes and his deerstalker!

Our quotes and trivia section looks at everything from the day that Sherlock Holmes was born to the publication dates of several short stories and novels from the cannon. Our calendar is printed on heavy card stock and will last as collector’s item for many years to come! Also, the calendar is coil bound which means that it’ll open smoothly and will never ever tear!

Our Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is full color, 11×17 on glossy paper. A collector’s item that will last for years. Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2020 is a Strand Magazine exclusive.

(Limited to 250 copies)

Strand Magazine Special Holiday Issue: Exclusive with Meg Gardiner and an interview with Linda Castillo

Sherlock Keychain and flashlight

Sherlock Holmes Keychain and Flashlight is a dual purpose keychain with bright white LED light is perfect fans of Sherlock Holmes and is an exclusive from our 221B Baker Street Collection. This bright flashlight has the Great Detective’s name and address engraved on this solid aluminum base with its shiny lacquer finish and silver accents. Button cell batteries included.

Hound of the Baskervilles Bookmark



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