Black Widow Agency: The Black Widow Agency


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Donovan’s sharp series debut introduces the “Spider Women” of New Hampshire’s Black Widow Agency, who right the wrongs done to innocent women by dastardly men. Katie Mahoney founded BWA after her ex-husband pulled strings and got her kicked off the police force. Young computer forensics expert Alexandria Axelrod, witty office manager Margo Norton and financial whiz Jane Landers all have their own stories of male mistreatment. The Spider Women don’t hate all men, though: those who are sympathetic (like local cop Joe Kennedy) and gay (like Margo’s brother, Marcus, and his partner, Antoine, who own the shop next door) are considered tolerable. The latest BWA client is automotive designer Amber Gordon, whose ex-husband gained custody of their daughter through nefarious means. Donovan, who has assisted the FBI with her own computer forensics expertise, leavens this tale of female vigilante justice with humor and insider details. (Oct.)


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