Blind Bloodhound Justice (Jo Beth Sidden Series #4)



Format: Mass Market Paperback, 337pp. ISBN: 0061099716 Publisher: Morrow,William & Co Pub. Date: June 1999 This isn’t the first time that Jo Beth Sidden’s life has gone to the dogs. She is a gutsy Georgia peach who trains and sells bloodhounds. She also suits up herself and heads into the dankest swamps and redneck junctions of the rural South looking for stashed drugs, missing children, and convicts on the run. But her latest case has a trail so cold there isn’t a scent for her trusty hounds to trace. The crime is thirty years old. Two baby girls were kidnapped and their nanny murdered. The estate owner’s daughter was discovered safe in a nearby church. The other, the gardener’s child, was never found. The man convicted of the two crimes was a vagrant who stuck to his plea of innocence. Now, he’s been released from prison for health reasons after serving three decades of a life sentence. The local sheriff is concerned about the effect of the convict’s return on the community. So he turns to his best friend, Jo Beth, to dig out the long-buried secrets of this mystery.


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