Blonde Lightning


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In Earthquake Weather, Terrill Lee Lankford mined his own experiences as a player in the glamorous, ruthless movie business to create a West Coast noir hailed by T. Jefferson Parker as “part Raymond Chandler and part Nathanael West.” Now get ready for another thrill ride down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams-where a wrong turn can lead to a very dead end. Out of work in The Industry, Mark Hayes decides he’s desperate enough to hitch his wagon to the dubious star of Clyde McCoy, a hard-drinking veteran screenwriter known only too well for being difficult. Clyde has secured the backing to produce his latest script, a noir homage called Blonde Lightning. With a popular action star and a sexy up-and-comer on board in the lead roles, he’s cleaning up his act, dusting off his director’s chair, and is determined to make the picture happen. For investing the last of his savings into the production, Mark gets the title of associate producer. However, his real job is on-set troubleshooter-his duties ranging from


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