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Bright Hair About the Bone by Barbara Cleverly

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In Burgundy, France, in 1926, a famed archaeologist dies a terrible death in a country not his own…. Thus begins Barbara Cleverly’s new mystery novel. And soon aspiring archaeologist Laetitia Talbot will find herself embroiled in a murderous conspiracy centuries in the making.
Letty’s joy at snaring a place in the excavation of an ancient church in Burgundy is dimmed by the tragedy of her godfather Daniel’s violent death. But when Letty receives a posthumous encoded message, she begins to believe that Daniel’s death was not a random act. Her investigation into Daniel’s murder sends her on a journey into a country’s remote history…into the orbit of a privileged French family harboring its own damning secret…into ancient Celtic mysteries and one sacred truth kept through the ages. It is an explosive revelation that could rock modern Christianity – and force a killer out of the shadows as a country devastated by one war lays the groundwork for another….


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