Format: Mass Market Paperback, 319pp. ISBN: 0425158543 Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Pub. Date: April 1997 From the Publisher Featuring government agent turned marine biologist Doc Ford, White’s wicked, suspenseful tales of Florida’s west coast take social concerns, offbeat characters, crackling prose and a vivid sense of place, and toss them together to produce stories that snap like a whip. In Captiva, Doc Ford finds himself caught between warring bands, as Florida’s sports fishermen and commercial fishermen battle over a net ban due to go into effect soon. With friends on both sides, Doc prefers to stay neutral, but when the war escalates to arson and murder in his own backyard, he has no choice but to become involved. With the help of his ex-hippie friend, Tomlinson, and an extraordinary island woman named Hannah, he sets out to calm the waters – only to find that they are much deeper than he ever could have imagined.


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