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Sherlock Holmes on Screen by Alan Barnes

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Sherlock Holmes has appeared on screen more times than any other fictional character. Created just before the birth of cinema, Sir Arthur Conan DoyleÆs famous detective has drawn cinemaûgoers across the world. Sherlock Holmes on Screen includes all of HolmesÆ 300ûplus film appearances, making it the most complete filmography ever published. This includes films from the silent era through the Basil Rathbone movies of the forties; films from France, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Italy; the films of Hammer Studios in the UK and Roger Corman in America; Billy WilderÆs 1970 film, Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, and many more. There are also television versions of Sherlock Holmes, including one directed by Steven Spielberg. Complete with 120 photographs and a guide to the original stories.



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