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Cocktail Noir, Bottle opener set, and Beer Glasses

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Cocktail Noir, Bottle opener set, and Beer Glasses, are a perfect gift item for mystery fans…

Catering to lovers of the well-written word and the well-mixed drink, Cocktail Noir is a lively look at the intertwining of alcohol and the underworld—represented by authors of crime both true and fictional and their glamorously disreputable characters, as well as by real life gangsters who built Prohibition-era empires on bootlegged booze. It celebrates the potent potables they imbibed and the watering holes they frequented, including some bars that continue to provide a second home for crime writers. Highlighting the favorite drinks of Noir scribes, the book includes recipes for cocktails such as the Gimlet described in Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye, the Mojito Mulatta T.J. English drank while writing Havana Nocturne and the Dirty Martini favored by mob chronicler Christian Cippolini. Cocktail Noir also lets us in on the drinking habits of notorious organized crime figures, revealing Al Capone’s taste for Templeton Rye, Meyer Lansky’s preference for Dewar’s Scotch and Gambino family hit man Charles Carneglia’s habit of guzzling Cutty Sark. With black and white illustrations throughout, Cocktail Noir is as stylish and irreverent as the drinks, often larger-than-life figures and culture it explores.

The Sherlock Holmes Corkscrew set is a three in one bottle opener set with a corkscrew, bottle opener, and small knife. Made of stainless steel this unique gift also has a quote from “His Last Bow.” A perfect stocking stuffer!

Stainless Steel, dimensions are: 4.37″x1.32″x.51″.

The Sherlock Holmes Beer Glass set is a must for all mystery fans and has some wisdom of the Great Detective. “I cannot live without brainwork. What else is there to live for?
Drink your beer in style with this exclusive product from the Strand Magazine. A perfect gift for Sherlockians, these 13 oz ceramic mugs are kiln fired with the shadow of the greatest detective!

The Sherlock Holmes Beer Glass set is limited to 50 and is hand designed by the staff of the Strand Magazine’s artistic team.


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