Cold Granite


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IN A CITY BY THE SEA After a long recuperation from a stab wound, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae’s first night back on duty in Aberdeen, Scotland, takes him to a crime scene where the body of a missing boy has been found on a riverbank. To the horror of even the most experienced cops on the job, all the details point to a ritualistic murder–a serial killer. Then twenty-four hours later, another child goes missing. A COP HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD The case’s latest developments keep appearing as the next day’s headlines, leading the department to believe one of their own is leaking information. Logan is keen to catch the mole as well as the killer, but even with Police Constable Jackie Watson, assigned to help “ease” him back into the job, it seems impossible. TO ENTER A NEW HELL From the violent world of organized crime to the dark fantasies of a murderer and the naughty games cops play to stay sane, Logan is moving through the Scottish winter in search of a few hard facts. And as the rain tur


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