Cruising for Murder


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Adult/High School-Tempted to escape the Chicago winter, actress Morgan Taylor impulsively accepts a last-minute offer to replace another entertainer on a Caribbean cruise ship. She soon learns that her predecessor died under suspicious circumstances, and that there is something very odd about her roommate. Murder threats and red herrings soon plague the ship’s staff. The protagonist is a seasoned trouper who quickly adapts to the professional challenges of shipboard entertaining as she competently fills any required role, from star singer to magician’s assistant. Her personal issues are a little knottier but she handles these, too, with the aplomb of a Nora Charles-though she is a bit shaken by violence, particularly when it is aimed at her. The first-person narration, lively and contemporary, quickly draws readers into the mind and world of the funny, feisty protagonist. Some unlikely plot devices and a rather complicated solution won’t detract from most readers’ enjoyment of this light and finely rendered diversion, and teens will probably come hurrying back for the first Morgan Taylor adventure, Audition for Murder (St. Martin’s, 1999). Fans of mysteries by Marian Babson, Lise McClendon, and Janet Evanovich should be pleased with this new series.-Christine C. Menefee, Fairfax County Public Copyright 2001 Cahners Business


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