Days of Rage



Praise for the Novels of Kris Nelscott “War at “”Home” “A gripping read . . . As with the best of Mosley and Chandler, Dalton’s fifth outing leaves us eagerly anticipating the next one.” “–Entertainment Weekly” “Nelscott excels at setting a scene, and her evocation of student unrest during that unsettled time is sharp and memorable.” “–The “”Seattle”” Times” ” ” “Stone Cribs” “Kris Nelscott can lay claim to the strongest series of detective novels now being written by an American author.” –“” “Thin Walls” “A triumphant series . . . Gripping . . . Nelscott’s books about Dalton have already been compared favorably to Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins series. The big difference is that Easy Rawlins has bought into the Los Angeles land-owning dream, while Smokey Dalton, a more militant avenging angel, mostly wants to stay alive and right the terrible wrongs he has seen.” “–“”Chicago”” Tribune” “Smoke-Filled Rooms” “Nelscott brings it all back, and it’s hair-r


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