Death of a Colonial by Bruce Alexander


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Death of a Colonial by Bruce Alexander

Death of a Colonial is the sixth novel in the Sir John Fielding series. When a nobleman is executed, his possessions are expected to go to the Crown, as he is the last of his line. Then a man appears, claiming to be the nobleman’s younger brother who disappeared seven years ago, and declares his right to the estate. But if he really is the blood kin of the executed man, where has he been for so long? And why does his mother react to him so oddly? To find the answers, blind magistrate Sir John Fielding and his ward Jeremy Proctor, must travel from London to Bath to Oxford—and finally to a much darker place…

“A rich rewarding trip for everyone.”  —The New York Times
Alexander’s eye for period detail is sharp and subtle; he brings his historic England back to life in layers.” Chicago Tribune

Bruce Alexander is the pseudonym for a well-known author of fiction and nonfiction. The books in his series include Blind Justice; Murder in Grub Street (named by the New York Times Book Review as a notable book in 1995); Watery Grave; Person or Persons Unknown (named by the Chicago Tribune as one of the best novels of 1997); Jack, Knave and Fool; and Death of a Colonial.


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