Death on the Downs



Format: Mass Market Paperback, 304pp. ISBN: 042518636 Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Pub. Date: August 2002 “Exploring the South Downs of the well-to-do town of Weldisham, Carole Seddon is caught in a sudden rainstorm. She finds refuge in an old barn – but relief turns to revulsion when she discovers the bones of a human skeleton packed inside two bags.” “After Carole informs the police, it isn’t long before local gossip spreads. People are saying the remains are those of a missing girl named Tamsin Lutteridge, who was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and seeing several practitioners of alternative medicine – including Carole’s friend Jude – to heal herself. Eager to learn if Tamsin really is dead, Jude begins her own investigation, which leads her to Sandalls Manor – where Tamsin is very much alive, and keeping close company with a very charismatic New Age healer.” Now Jude and Carole have two mysteries to unravel. Why is Tamsin deliberately hiding from her father? And if the skeleton wasn’t hers…whose was it?


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