Devices and Desires


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Format: Mass Market Paperback, 1st ed., 480pp. ISBN: 0446359750 Publisher: Warner Books, Incorporated Pub. Date: January 1991 Edition Desc: REISSUE After publication of his book of poetry, Adam Dalgliesh escapes from the hubbub of London for a remote Norfolk headland and the converted windmill his aunt left him. But Dalgliesh cannot so easily escape from murder. In Norfolk, a deranged killer prowls the countryside, holding tranquility hostage. Murders proliferate. Is there a connection with the nuclear power station? Not far from it, the killer has left his victims, all women, strangled. Dalgliesh suspects his own neck is very exposed. DEVICES AND DESIRES is P.D. James at better than her best.” (The New York Times)


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