Drawing Dead


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In the third installment of the Jake Morgan mystery series, Jake finds himself hitting it off with a beautiful high roller in her sumptuous Las Vegas suite when an assassin enters and breaks the lady’s bliss by popping two lead pills into her forehead. Jake Morgan’s friend, Lieutenant Oakley, is given the case and makes Jake’s life miserable until he is finally cleared, but before the woman’s body is even flown home, femme fatale Laura Bulloch, falls for Jake and gets him caught in the crossfire between two groups of dirty cops out to kill each other. Bullets fly and bodies fall and the attempts on Jake’s life seem to multiply as he gets closer and closer to what he prays is not the ugly truth. Could he be on the wrong side? Can he save his life by ending the life of the woman he has fallen in love with? And if so, will he be absolved of killing a cop? The stakes are high as Jake has to bet his life in the biggest and most desperate game Vegas has ever witnessed.


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