Dying Light


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Unbelievably assured and accomplished . . . MacBride is starting at the very top with his first book, which approaches the level of Michael Connelly’s best work…. MacBride’s writing is so good here that it’s hard to believe it’s not a sign of staying power. —“Flint”” Journal” ” ” “Tartan Noir has a fresh new voice with an Aberdeen brogue in Stuart MacBride, whose first mystery, “Cold Granite,””” bids well to keep up with Ian Rankin and Denise Mina…. “Cold Granite” is never as dark and dangerous as the work of Mina and Rankin…. The police procedural gains a warmth and camaraderie that tougher and more cynical novels lack.” —“Rocky Mountain News” “Logan—a troubled man but blessedly not a suicidal booze hound like other Scots coppers of recent and current memory—does his job with skill and humanity.” —“Chicago”” Tribune” “Newcomer Stuart MacBride joins an illustrious roster of Scottish crime writers…. By tangling together a half-dozen competing plotlines, MacBride keeps r


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