Ernest Hemingway and Steinbeck Combo Pack



Ernest Hemingway and Steinbeck Combo Pack

(The Strand Magazine: Unpublished Ernest Hemingway Short Story, also fiction by John Floyd, David Marcum and Elizabeth Creith and an exclusive interview with Jo Nesbø)

In our 55th issue, we’re proud to present an unpublished short story by Ernest Hemingway titled “A Room on the Garden Side.” The short story was set at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and is narrated by a man named Robert, who is also referred to as “Papa.” It paints a vivid sketch of soldiers tired from war, yet hopeful for the future. Hemingway scholar Kirk Curnutt provides an afterward, which looks at the historical and biographical context of this gem.

Among our other short stories in this issue, David Marcum challenges Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with seemingly supernatural drawings in “The Problem of the Hindhead Minister.” John Floyd pairs a love-struck mechanic with a small-town femme fatale in “Foreverglow.” And in “To Talk to Freddie,” Elizabeth Creith sounds a warning to those who disregard closed signs on storefronts.

It’s our great pleasure to also share in this issue an exclusive interview with Jo Nesbø. The talented polymath offers his insights about playing soccer, writing, the banality of evil, Harry Hole, and the rich literary tradition of Norway.

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Holiday issue of the Strand with the unpublished John Steinbeck story

The Strand’s holiday issue features a short story by John Steinbeck that has never been published before and is a Strand exclusive. “With Your Wings” was written during World War II and has several of the characteristics which have made Steinbeck’s works classics; an evocative setting, lyrical prose, and his progressive world-view. We also have fiction by bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, Max Allan Collins and Lyndsay Faye as well as an exclusive interview with Chelsea Cain.

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