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Fire Across the Veldt Hardback by John Wilcox

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South Africa, 1900. When the bloody conflict between the British forces and the Boer farmers seemed at last to have ended in victory, fast-riding Boer commandos emerged with a new type of warfare – hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, fought across the veldt and leaving the British ‘Khakis’ plodding and bruised in their wake.

British General Kitchener persuades Simon Fonthill, fresh from his triumphs in China’s Boxer Rebellion, to divert to Cape Town and fight the Boers at their own game. So Fonthill finds himself reinstated in the British Army as the colonel of his own cavalry unit. Can he adapt to regular soldiering again – and will he be able to catch and pin down those elusive Boer Generals, Louis Botha and Christiaan de Wet?


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