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Fire and Sword by Edward Marston

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Returning to camp from a dangerous solo mission behind enemy lines, career soldier Daniel Rawson finds himself stranded on foot with French soldiers in fierce pursuit. With help from a local farmer and the loan of a horse, Daniel manages to escape by the skin of his teeth. But when Daniel returns to thank the man he finds the farmhouse and barn have been set ablaze and the farmer is approaching death, apparently at the hands of English soldiers.

Back at home in England there is political unrest. Queen Anne’s favour has shifted causing the Duke of Marlborough to resign as Commander-In-Chief. After several similar raids on other farms, Daniel enlists the help of his old friend, Henry Welbeck to help investigate. All the while the treacherous and scheming French Commander, the Duc de Vendome, is becoming hell bent on the capture of Daniel, by any means at his disposal.


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