Graves Gate


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A riveting tale, set in 1922 London, Graves Gate straddles the frightening intersection of early psychiatry and the paranormal. At the center of the tale is the prominent author and public figure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is offered a surprise opportunity to confirm his unconventional views about the spirit world when he receives a letter purportedly signed by Dr. Bernard Gussmann, the psychiatrist who had treated Doyle’s father years earlier, and then died. The letter’s offer is irresistible-a chance to commune with the deceased. In exchange, however, Doyle must do a puzzling favor for the mysterious correspondent. Is the letter a hoax, or can Gussmann somehow still live? Is someone trying to exploit Doyle’s beliefs by assuming the identity of a dead man? Eager to learn the truth, Doyle seeks help from American reporter Charles Baker and Adrianna Wallace, the comely wife of a Member of Parliament. The duo soon become participants in a deadly game of musical chairs. With the rich period detail of The Alieni


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