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Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow by Cynthia Baxter (Paperback)

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Hare Today, Dead Tomorrow by Cynthia Baxter (Paperback)

It’s harvest time, but this season’s crop includes chardonnay, merlot…and murder. The victim is heir to one of the North Fork’s most prestigious wineries–and if the crime isn’t shocking enough, the prime suspect is one of Jessie’s closest friends!

Between managing her menagerie of pets, including Lou, the one-eyed Dalmatian, her tailless Westie, Max, and a tiger kitten who thinks she’s queen of the jungle, commitment-phobic Jess struggles to adjust to a new addition to her household: live-in boyfriend Nick Burby. But even that proves easy compared to the challenge of catching a killer who’s left nothing behind but a “hare”–a stuffed bunny rabbit. To clear her friend’s name, Jess must maneuver through a warren of bizarre twists and more suspects than a bunny has offspring–and she’ll need her own lucky rabbit’s foot to avoid becoming this killer’s next victim…


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