Holiday issue of the Strand: Alexander McCall Smith, unpublished William Faulkner, Dean Koontz, & Lyndsay Faye


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Highlights of our holiday issue include, fiction by Alexander McCall Smith, Lyndsay Faye, unpublished William Faulkner, Dean Koontz, A.E. Hotchner, John M. Floyd, and much more.

In the mood to read a short story that will entertain you during your holiday season? The Strand Magazine has you covered! Our holiday issue features an unpublished William Faulkner play, an interview with bestselling author Dean Koontz, and short stories by Alexander McCall Smith, Andrea Camilleri, and Lyndsay Faye.

Highlights of our holiday issue include…

  • An unpublished play by William Faulkner titled ‘Twixt Cup and Lip which is a light-hearted Jazz age story involving flappers, a wager between best friends with a surprising twist at the end.
  • “Neck and Neck” by Andrea Camilleri has inspector Montalbano trying to solve a bunch of homicides in the midst of a mafia civil war.
  • Edgar nominee John Floyd offering a tale titled “Arrowhead” lake that has more twists and turns than the Mississippi River.
  • Lyndsay Faye putting Sherlock Holmes in a petulant mood as he scrawls “Notes on the Diadem Club Affair.”
  • Alexander McCall Smith giving us a warning about what pint-sized detectives may find if they’re snooping around in Granny’s bedroom in “Good Behavior.”
  • The prolific and legendary Dean Koontz talking about his long and accomplished career as well as some of his favorite books that he’s read and his views on life.
  • And A.E. Hotchner sharing his memories of his friend Ernest Hemingway, and giving us some more insight into the life of his neighbor, pal, and business partner Paul Newman.

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Fact: The unpublished William Faulkner play marks the first time that we’ve published a play in The Strand Magazine.

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