Intensive Scare Unit


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Perfectly combining the regional delights of Maine with an intriguing whodunit, author J.S. Borthwick introduces her twelfth Sarah Deane mystery, a medical conundrum of death by unnatural causes in a New England hospital… ER, ICU…and R.I.P. Crotchety, seventy-something Julia Clancy of High Hope Farm feels a little wobbly one August morning. With stables to clean and riding lessons to give, the stoic New Englander ignores her symptoms-and ends up in the ER with a heart attack. Even then, she’s insisting it’s indigestion; even then, her sharp eyes don’t miss a thing. And a glimpse of something highly unusual will entangle Julia Clancy in the baffling murder of a hospital VIP. The police soon have suspects galore and no hard evidence. But Julia tells her niece Sarah Deane what she saw…and what she fears: that the killer will get her next. Now amateur sleuth Sarah needs to make her own diagnosis of Julia’s revelation and sew up the case before the star witness gets a fatal visit from Dr. Death…. <


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