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Kennedy’s Brain by Henning Mankell (Translated by Laurie Thompson)

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Kennedy’s Brain by Henning Mankell (Translated by Laurie Thompson)

From internationally bestselling author Henning Mankell comes a gripping mystery and a depiction of every parent’s worst nightmare.

When Louise Cantor finds her twenty-eight year old son dead in his apartment, everything indicates it was a suicide. Louise, however, refuses to accept this, and with nothing more than few suspicions and a mother’s intuition, she and her ex-husband set out to find what happened. What they discover is a dark underworld of people exploiting the victims of the AIDS epidemic: corrupt businessmen dealing infected blood, suspicious researchers carrying out dangerous tests, and lecherous drug dealers peddling black market medicine. Their investigation takes them across three continents, and leads them into some mighty financial institutions and highest corridors of power, where suddenly their own lives are at stake.


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