Killer Heels


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Hilarious, sexy, and loaded with suspense, Sheryl J. Anderson’s slick debut novel pits advice columnist Molly Forrester against the magazine world, Manhattan’s singles scene, and cold-blooded murder… “When murder plays havoc with your career, sex life, and Jimmy Choos… ” Molly Forrester enjoys playing a “Dear Abby” type for Zeitgeist, a Manhattan glossy. She’s always hoped opportunity would knock, not throw itself at her feet as is the case when she stumbles literally over a colleague’s body in her brand new pumps. Now her chance to get closer to real news has presented itself as she stares at her spoiled Jimmy Choos planted firmly in a pool of blood… “It’s time to call your girlfriends…” Molly recruits trusty chums Cassady and Tricia to help her solve the crime. But she’s getting distracted by the adorable homicide detective on the case. Unfortunately, she must first deal with Peter, her pretentious boyfriend. After a second name is brutally struck from the masthead, Molly investigate


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