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Larceny and Old Lace by Tamar Myers

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For Whom The Bell Pulls Tolls

As owner of the Den of Antiquity, recently divorced(but never bitter!) Abigail Timberlake is accustomed to delving into the past, searching for losttreasures, and navigating the cutthroat world of rival dealers at flea marketsand auctions. Still, she never thought she’d be putting her expertise in mayhemand detection to other use — until crotchety “junque” dealer, Abby’s aunt Eulonia Wiggins, was found murdered!

Although Abigail is puzzled by the instrument of death — an exquisite antiquebell pull that Aunt Eulonia never would have had the taste to aquire — she’s willing to let the authorities find the culprit. But now, Auntie’s priceless lace is missing,and somebody’s threatened Abby’s most priceless possession: her son, Charlie.It’s up to Abby to put the murderer “on the block.”


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