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Laughs and Gags Collection: Unpublished comical works by Twain, Wodehouse, Barrie, and Thurber



Laughs and Gags Collection: Unpublished comical works by Twain, Wodehouse, Barrie, and Thurber

For a limited time, we’re releasing our  laughs and gags collection of unpublished works by Mark Twain, P.G. Wodehouse, J.M. Barrie, and James Thurber!


Strand Magazine Headlines an Unpublished J.M. Barrie Play, plus Ruth Ware, Jo Nesbo, and Charles Todd…

Highlights of our current issue include an unpublished J.M. Barrie play titled The Reconstruction of the Crime. Our latest issue also features an exclusive interview with the talented and prolific James Rollins, an article by Jo Nesbo, and fiction by Ruth Ware, Charles Todd and Max Allan Collins.

The unpublished J.M. Barrie play marks the first time The Strand has published a work by the legendary creator of the Peter Pan stories and plays. Described by some as a hilarious send-up of a Sherlock Holmes story, The Reconstruction of the Crime is a bedroom farce that involves mistaken identity and a night full of misunderstandings in a provincial hotel.

We are proud to present Ruth Ware’s “The Property Ladder,” a tale of obsession with a new house that is not all it seems, and Charles Todd’s “Jeopardy” which takes us to post-World War I England where Inspector Rutledge must solve a murder case involving a respected war-time acquaintance. With “Quarry’s Gamble,” Max Allan Collins pushes the clock back to 1975, when hit man Quarry is on the prowl in Las Vegas. Meanwhile John M. Floyd sounds an alarm on the hazards of escaping from the local penitentiary in “Crow Mountain.”

Best-selling author James Rollins, a man of endless ideas and interests, spoke to us about how he started writing, which authors inspired him, and what advice aspiring writers might consider.

In “Thirst : On Writing, Harry, and Flying Jumbo Jets,” Norwegian author Jo Nesbø talks about writing the Harry Hole series and how he balances his imagination, the literary traditions of the past, and the appetites of his readers to create his best-selling novels.

We have the latest on the Strand Critics Awards, where Clive Cussler has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the mystery and thriller writing genre.

We also have the latest book reviews of authors such as Mary Higgins Clark, Kimberly McCreight, Patricia Highsmith, Tana French. And we’ve also included YA and Audiobook reviews including, Ransom Riggs, M.R. Carey, and Kate Russell.

 A previously unpublished James Thurber story, mysteries by Jeffery Deaver, Max Allan Collins, Mickey Spillane, and Renée Knight, as well as interviews with Heather Graham and Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss . . .

A previously unpublished James Thurber story headlines our spring issue; while in our interview section Heather Graham talks vampires, romance, and the lure of history; and Sherlock’s Mark Gatiss gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his hit TV show—Sherlock—and talks about what it’s like to work with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

James Thurber’s previously unpublished story, “How Law and Order Came to Aramie,” published here, in The Strand, for the first time, is a western spoof, featuring Thurber’s ironic humor and trademark wit, as well as a couple of gun-slinging bullies, a peculiar sheriff, and the promise of a good ol’ fashioned showdown.

In addition to all that, the incomparable Jeffery Deaver has Lincoln Rhyme on the case in “The Deliveryman,” while Renée Knight takes us across the pond to the UK for the bittersweet, mystical tale “Faithful.” The ever-prolific Max Allan Collins, drawing on the notes of the late, great Mickey Spillane, brings tough-guy Mike Hammer back in “A Dangerous Cat,” and O’Neil De Noux takes us back to steamy 1947 New Orleans with a hardboiled tale complete with wisecracking PI, smoldering love interest, and jealous husband in “Effect on Men.” We also have insightful reviews of the latest mystery books, audiobooks, YA books, and DVDs

For more back issues with previously unpublished works by literary legends, including John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, Joseph Heller, William Faulkner, and more  follow this link!

 Unpublished Twain and Wodehouse short stories made their debut in the Strand with two tales of high comedy…

In the winter of 2009, history was made at the Strand when a never before published story “The Undertaker’s Tale” appeared in the Strand, along with a lost P.G. Wodehouse story, “Providence and The Butler.”

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