Law of Return



Strongly atmospheric . . . Fans of Spanish Mystery master Arturo Perez-Revate will enjoy this volume. -“Baltimore Sun” “There’s plenty to admire in this mystery. . . . Satisfying.”-“Washington Post Book World” “Impressive levels of storytelling and fairness. . . . Wonderful. . . . Pawel resists easy solutions to historically difficult problems.”-“Chicago Tribune” “A colorful, thrilling story about loyalty and love . . . Pawel weaves together her characters’ fate with a deft and cunning hand.”-“Detroit Free Press” “ᆰPawel+ frames the difficult and moral questions of the era in the lives of her fascinating characters, bringing history alive.”-“Rocky Mountain News” Lieutenant Carlos Tejada has been transferred to Salamanca, the city where he studied law before the Civil War. His new police duties include monitoring parolees-former professors who were fired for protesting a Franco decree. Elena Fernandez, having lost her job because of her political sympathies, has returned home to Salamanca from Madrid


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