Maigret and the Toy Village By Georges Simenon, read by Andrew Sachs


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“Peg Leg Lapie,” a crusty old sailor, is found mysteriously murdered in a most incongruous setting: a picturesque cottage a few miles outside Paris, where he lived attended by his young housekeeper, Felicie. “But old Jules Lapie, nicknamed Peg Leg, had not been alone; Maigret was convinced of it. A man at work in his garden, wearing clogs and a straw hat, does not suddenly put down his tools to go indoors and fetch a bottle of old brandy from the sideboard, and bring it out to the summerhouse to drink it. At some stage, there must have been another glass on that green-painted garden table. Someone had removed it. Was it Felicie?” Of all Maigret’s many battles against hardened criminals and recalcitrant witnesses, his encounters with Felicie are among the most challenging. The sight of her red hat trimmed with an iridescent feather is enough to give Maigret nervous shivers. For to her, lying is second, perhaps even first, nature. In a literal as well as a figurative sense, she leads the Inspector up the garden path, testing to the utmost his detective skills and sangfroid.


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