Maigret Sets a Trap By Georges Simenon, read by Andrew Sachs


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In the oppressive, steamy heat of a Parisian August, wily Chief Inspector Jules Maigret baits a cunning trap to lure the murderer of five women, each of whom has been brutally knifed in the streets of Montmartre. After consulting an eminent psychiatrist, Maigret begins a series of clever mind games. First, he fakes an arrest, hoping that the murderer’s vanity will make him strike again to prove Maigret wrong. Next, the killer is provided with scores of suitable potential victims – each one of them a skilled policewoman proficient in the art of judo. Voil ! The trap is set. Georges Simenon (1903-1989) was the creator of an enormously successful series of mysteries starring Parisian Chief Inspector Jules Maigret. Simenon was born in Belgium and began his writing career as a journalist with the Gazette de Lige. He later lived in Paris, the U.S., and Switzerland. He was an extremely prolific author; of over 450 novels and novellas written by Simenon, 75 books featured Maigret. Simenon’s work is particularly known for its perceptive insight into human psychology, as he explored the motivations of both the criminal and the victims. In this regard he has been compared to Dostoevsky. Yet he is accessible and entertaining. Simenon’s Maigret and the Madwoman is also available from The Audio Partners.


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