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“Life has not handed anything to Romilia Chacon. A detective with the Nashville Homicide Unit and Salvadoran by blood, she’s a bilingual cop who is a magnet for murder. It’s in her family: her mother fled the death squads of their native El Salvador, and her sexy older sister Catalina was murdered when Romilia was in college. Now, six years later, the killer is back as the self-styled Minos, the mythical demon of Dante’s Inferno who decides into which circle of hell the soul of the damned must fall. Adulterers in the third circle. Traitors in the ninth. And a whole slew of souls in between.” “The FBI has nicknamed him the Whisperer, due to the cryptic messages he leaves near his victims’ bodies. He has a purpose, but no one can make sense of his need to kill in such artistic fashion, leaving a wake of bodies from Atlanta to Los Angeles.” “As she follows the trail of the Whisperer, Romilia does not notice how the path spirals more tightly around her. The more she learns, the more obsessed she becomes. But Minos is not her only problem. Romilia must also deal with the handsome and elusive drug lord Tekun Uman, and with the obsessed DEA agents trailing him, and her, from the shadows.” Completely focused on tracking Minos – on temporary assignment to the FBI, and against the wishes of her boss in Homicide – Romilia doesn’t see how her need for revenge has taken control.


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