Missing in Precinct Puerto Rico


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Praise for Steven Torres and the Precinct Puerto Rico Series “Fast-paced, nonstop action.”- “Publishers Weekly” on “Death in Precinct Puerto Rico: Book Two” “This is a most promising start to a new procedural series that stars a dedicated, sensible ‘hero’ in an almost quaint but decidedly unique locale. Strongly recommended.”- “Library Journal” (starred review) on “Precinct Puerto Rico: Book One” “A top-notch police procedural whose engrossing details create an authentic feel. Terse, deadpan prose, believable characters, and an offbeat setting add up to a promising series kickoff.”- “Kirkus Reviews” (starred review) on “Precinct Puerto Rico: Book One” “Fascinating and satisfying. Torres’s characters are authentic and his story is absorbing…the bonus is the window he offers into rurual Puerto Rico.”- S. J. Rozan, author of “Absent Friends” “Accurate and well-crafted…Torres’s work is in the tradition of popular literature that teaches us even as it intrigues and excites us.”- Henry Cisneros, former Secretar


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