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Murder Had a Little Lamb by Cynthia Baxter (Paperback)

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Murder Had a Little Lamb by Cynthia Baxter

Who better than a pet detective to expose a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Things get wild and woolly when Jessica Popper’s wedding to longtime fiancé Nick Burby is interrupted by the sound of bloody murder. The sacrificial lamb is the black sheep of the Burby flock, a long-lost relative Nick has never even met. In fact, no one thought Cousin Nathaniel would return to the fold for the event—except his killer. Now, instead of enjoying her honeymoon, Jessie finds herself playing Bo Peep to a growing list of suspects, none with a past as white as snow. All the clues lead to an exclusive private school in Long Island’s high-toned Bromptons, where snobby socialites and a smattering of locals on scholarship take classes in African drumming and field trips to Europe. But shearing away the thick fleece of politics, tension, and rivalries reveals a very different animal under the school’s progressive appearance. And just when Jess thinks she’s about to herd in the killer, she realizes she’s being led like a lamb to slaughter….



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