Murder Passes the Buck


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Gertie Johnson may be outspoken, distrustful of banks, and a quick draw with the pepper spray, but she hasn”t lost her marbles. Her son Blaze, the sheriff in a backwoods community of Michigan”s Upper Peninsula, is petitioning to become her legal guardian, but Gertie, a sassy sixty-six-year-old widow with a taste for detective work, has got bigger fish to fry: solving the murder of Chester Lampi who was shot dead in his deer blind. Blaze-who”s more interested in retiring than investigating-rules Chester”s death as a hunting accident. So, Gertie takes on the case with help from her friends, man-hungry Cora Mae and pin-curled Kitty. Interrogating neighbors, spying, impersonating the FBI . . . the stubborn, spunky grandmother won”t give up the chase even when the killer takes aim at her.


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