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Mysterious Chicago: History at Its Coolest by Adam Selzer

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Mysterious Chicago: History at Its Coolest by Adam Selzer

From Chicago historian Adam Selzer, expert on all of the Windy City’s quirks and oddities, comes a compelling heavily researched anthology of the stories behind its most fascinating unsolved mysteries.

To create this unique volume, Selzer has collected forty unsolved mysteries from the 1800s to modern day. He has poured through all newspaper, magazine, and book references to them, and consulted expert historians. Topics covered include who really started the great Chicago fire, who was the first automobile murderer,” and even if there was actually a vampire slaying at Rose Hill cemetery.

The result is both a colorful read to get lost in, a window to a world of curiosity and wonder, as well as a volume that separates fact from fictiontrue crime from urban legend.

Complementing the gripping stories Selzer presents are original images of the crime and its suspects as developed by its original investigators. Readers will marvel at how each character and crime were presented, and happily journey with Selzer as he presents all facts and theories presented at the time of the crime” and uses modern hindsight to assemble the pieces.


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