October Dawn: A Novel Based on the Cuban Missile Crisis


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Format: Paperback, 474pp. ISBN: 0805423249 Publisher: Broadman & Holman PublishersOctober Dawn: His father’s assassination draws Johnny Pera back into the Mafia family’s powerful influence. Torn between his faith and working with his brothers to uncover the killer, Johnny becomes haunted by one question: Could his father really have been involved in a plot to kill the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro? Johnny’s suspicions about his father’s murder grow as he unravels lie after lie, tracking the killer through the Florida Everglades and to the Cuban freedom fighters. From the powerful players of the Oval Office to the secret confines of the secluded congressional bomb shelter buried in the hills of West Virginia, the world is waiting for the first nuclear explosion of the Cuban missile crisis. Can this catastrophe be stopped?Author Biography: Jim Walker is a national motivator for The Workplace Connection. He also works as a global survival instructor for the U.S. Air Force and speaks at conferences around the world. Walker has authored nine books including Murder on the Titanic, Voices from the Titanic, Murder at Gettysburg, and Murder at Pearl Harbor. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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