Path of Shadows


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The Gods blessed Lieutenant Bak, head of the Medjay police, with a rare brilliance — which is why he is the one to whom his commander turns in a time of need. The explorer Minnakht has vanished into the vast and merciless Egyptian desert — or perhaps has strayed perilously close to Queen Maatkare Hatshepsut’s well-guarded turquoise mines — and before Bak sails north on a new assignment he is to seek out the missing man. But evil is traveling with him and his Medjays in the caravan they accompany eastward. Someone — or something — is responsible for the strange rash of deaths that is rapidly thinning the numbers of their fellow travelers. A straightforward search for a missing adventurer becomes a twisted knot of treachery and blood — one that threatens to strangle the life from Bak and his men and leave them buried for all eternity beneath the blistering sands.


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