Pentecost Alley


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Format: Mass Market Paperback, 406pp. ISBN: 0449225666 Publisher: Ballantine Books, Inc. Pub. Date: January 1997 Edition Desc: REPRINT The ritual murder of a prostitute named Ada McKinley in a bedroom on decrepit Pentecost Alley would ordinarily occasion no stir in Victoria’s great metropolis. But under the victim’s body the police find a Hellfire Club badge inscribed with the name Finlay Fitzjames – a name that instantly draws Superintendent Thomas Pitt into the case. Finlay’s father – immensely wealthy, powerful, and dangerous – refuses to consider the possibility that his son has been in Ada McKinley’s bed. The implication is clear: Pitt is to arrest someone other than Finlay Fitzjames for Ada’s demise. But Thomas Pitt is not a man to be intimidated, and with the help of his quick-witted wife, Charlotte, and her well-connected friends, he stubbornly pursues his investigation – one that twists and turns like London’s own ancient streets….


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