Penumbra by Carolyn Haines



Praise for Carolyn Haines “ Haines’ s sentences neatly and exactly delineate passionate emotions and richly drawn characters.” –“Rocky Mountain News “on “Judas Burning” “ Like the heat of a Deep South summer, Ms. Haines’ s novel has an undeniable intensity; it’ s impossible to shake its brooding atmosphere.” –“The New York Times Book Review “on “Judas Burning” “ Clever and impressive.” –“Publishers Weekly “on “Hallowed Bones” ” ” “ Wickedly funny. Devilishly clever. Scintillatingly Southern. Carolyn Haines is an author to die for.” –Carolyn Hart, author of “April Fool Dead” ” ” “ The past rises up and grabs the present by the throat in this riveting look into a small town’ s dark heart. Fans of Haines’ s Bones series will welcome this latest novel’ s haunted characters and driving narrative.” –Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar fin


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